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About The Clinic

The clinic is situated in the plush and quiet suburb of Vile Parle East in Mumbai. The couple has been associated with Homeopathy since the past 20 years and believes it is the right answer to several problems of today's Modern World. The clinic specialises in treating people of all ages, adults and children. The specialises in treating pathologies that are related to allergies ( opthalmic, skin, digestive system), auto immune complaints like scleroderma, arthritis, SLE, multiple sclerosis and complaints related to women like PCOS. The clinc as well gives supportive treatment for cancer cases.


Visit the clinic:

You will first interact with the Senior/ junior doctors who will note down the precise details of your complaints, examine and note the case history. Following this you will interact with either of the Drs. Joshis'. The clinic functions such that in the absence of Dr. Joshis' during their overseas commitments, the senior & junior doctors in charge of both new clients and follow ups. This ensures that you get the best treatment in their absence.

First visit:

The first intake is crucial in the treatment where the doctors give sufficient time to study every individual. The objective of this consultation is to help you disconnect form the rest of the world & experience yourself. All patients go into a meditative and introspective phase during the interview and experience and understand so many things deep within their subconscious that they had no clue existed.


While you wait:

You will be offered a cup of green tea to relax yourself and gather yourself well before the consultation begins. You can read Dr. Joshis books and concepts on healing and health while sipping your tea or watch David Attenborough’s series on different animal behaviours. After all aren’t we animals, too?

Games and books for children make it a pleasant wait for our little friends who otherwise are terrorised by the idea of clinics.


Minimum wait time:

The clinic infrastructure, schedule and facilities are designed in such a way that every patient gets adequate quality time with the doctors.We believe in the policy of minimum waiting time.

Hence all appointments, New case & follow-ups, are strictly by appointments only. This nullifies our patients' waiting time and their inconvenience.

You will often not see long queues at the clinic for the same reason.


The unique features adopted at Dr. Joshis’ Care

Computerized Analysis: The clinic use the most advanced and extensive software in Homeopathy-"The Mac Repertory and Reference Works" for every patient.

Medication: The medications are dispensed from the clinic itself. The medicines are high quality natural products obtained from reliable pharmacies across the country & from Helios pharmacy, London & Remedia Homoeopathic pharmacy, Vienna, Austria.

Instructions: Along with the medication you receive instructions and precautions regarding the medication.  The clinic file that you will receive after the consultation will have answers to commonly asked question along with the instructions regarding the medication.

Diet and Regimen: You can also avail the facility of dietary advice taking into account your weight, desired calorie intake and your nutritional requirement.  Visit our  Lifestyle, Wellness & Diabetes section.

Follow-up: The patient is called in every month to assess the progress of the treatment. These visits are also video-recorded to note the changes in the patient during the course of treatment.

Follow-ups through video conference: Patients who have consulted with Dr. Joshis’ have the advantage of visiting Dr. Joshis’ for a follow up via video conference if they cannot make it to the clinic for a follow up.

Emergency Medical Kit: Common problems of travel like diarrhoeas, infections, sunstroke, coughs, and colds, minor injuries etc. can be handled with our First-Aid kit effectively. The kit comes with all the necessary instructions for its appropriate use.

Our travel kit is on display at the Science museum, London. 

science musium

Reminders: Once you book an appointment, the clinic automatically sends you the details via e mail. The clinic reminds clients periodically for follow up appointments.

SMS informing about Dr. Joshis’ schedule and availability is sent to all periodically

Long distance and Overseas patients: Our medicines are regularly posted and couriered to different parts of India and the world except for countries which have custom prohibition on import of medications.


To know about long distance treatment & video consultation Click here


To know about long distance treatment & video consultation click here