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Know your personality! - Unlock your potential

‘Know your personality - A conversation with Self’

In today’s stressful world of hectic lifestyle & increasing demands, it is hardly possible to get in touch with your inner personality, your inner self.

Over years of experience the doctors have devised an interview called “A Conversation with Self”.

This interview is a dialogue where the Joshis facilitate you to understand more about yourself.
But just as you like a physical massage that relaxes and rejuvenates your fatigued body, a movie that stimulates; this conversation with self helps at knowing your personality and rejuvenating a strained mind and soul.

This session of two hours is conducted in a warm and cosy informal atmosphere of their private study room in the clinic.

It begins with a lovely cup of green tea with honey or maple syrup and starts with a simple dialogue with the Doctors. Slowly it becomes more inquiring and deep to help you know your stress points and loopholes in your personality that easily allow you to become prey to stress. This whole two hours is a brain storming dialogue between you and the doctors who are masters and originators of this new technique called ‘Know your personality - A conversation with Self’. At the end of the session you will come out more knowledgeable about yourself, calmer, balanced and stress free. Also the Joshis will provide you with stress buster tips and diet tips according to your weight and personality. They will suggest the right kind of exercise options too.

Highlight of the session: Discover truths about yourself that you have never known before.

What will you gain:

  • An insight into your stress and ways to handle it
  • Diet and exercise options suited to you
  • Early correction of habits and behavioural patterns
  • Prevention of illnesses and metabolic disorders

Gift yourself a Soul - Spa experience and let your performance reap the benefits from it!!!!

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