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Tiger Seminars

Tiger Seminars - Jungle Seminars with the Joshis’

 Tiger Seminars have had participants from all across the world who came to India to learn from Dr. Joshis’

Our work has always been inspired by the elements in the nature & what better way to study them than being in the wild. This desire to study the animal world took us to the jungles of India where we saw the animals in action. Their effect on the environment & local population. 

Our jungle seminars have the unique feature of Homeopathic learning combined with a retreat experience. Homeopaths get to know more about the flora ad fauna of the region along with sessions in Yoga and meditation.
All patients treated during these ‘Tiger Seminars’ received free medication sent from Mumbai for a period of 2 years. A rare feat.

Along with Homeopathy & experiencing the wild life participant got a chance to learn yoga & the art of meditation conducted by Shri. Narendra Doshi, Dr. Bhawisha Joshi’s father.

Watch this space to know about our future Tiger jungle seminars
Past Seminars 

 Tiger CM


Tiger 10 M & 50 M

An unique series of seminars in the history of Homoeopathy were conducted in India by Dr. Bhawisha & Dr. Shachindra in Rajasthan, India from February 2 to 14, 2014 & from February 8 - 19, 2016.

These events were attended by over 35 overseas homoeopaths & their families from different part the world.

The uniqueness of these event were live cases of people in the region along with visiting the Ranthambhore National Park to study the wild animals in their natural habitat.

Along with Homoeopathy the events as well focused on balancing one’s inner self for a healthy mind by doing yoga & healing through painting.

You can join our past Tiger seminar face book page to keep yourself connected with other participants. You can share your querries and some of our past participants will be able to help you out.



Tiger 10 M , Jungle Seminar : A Quick Peek


Tiger 10M surprise song