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What is health & homeopathy

Homoeopathy -towards a healthy living

We talk of health all the time. Health clubs, health foods, health spas are a fad nowadays. Health is something we all want. But do we even know what health means. The Webster dictionary gives the meaning of health as freedom from defect ,pain or disease. So it defines health as what it is not rather than what it is. But this is very similar to stating that we are happy because we have no debts to pay. Just as the mere absence of debt does not imply that we are wealthy similarly absence of disease does not imply that we are healthy. The Dorland's medical dictionary gives the definition of health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being. True health must be thought of in positive, dynamic terms not simply as'No Disease'.Homoeopathy defines health asfreedom on the physical level where the entire body operates in an integrated, harmonious way for optimum efficiency allowing us to respond appropriately to the environment.

Asfreedom on the emotional levelto experience a wide array of emotions in a positive and enriching way so that we have joyful and satisfying relationships.

Thus health means "To be in Harmony with yourself and with the environment." Using this broad definition try answering these questions.

Are you healthy?

Do you experience the kind of freedom inherent in true health?

And it is this very definition which provides a perspective on the enormous and magnificent potential inherent in each and every one of us.

Now it is time to redefine disease through homoeopathy. According to this system symptoms are mere indications that the internal harmony of the body mechanisms is altered. The disharmony allows the disease (dis-ease) to set in. Of the symptoms that develop a few are common to the disease and are helpful in the diagnosis of the disease. The rest are symptoms peculiar to the patient.

Often we have mothers complaining that while one child is dull drowsy & thirst less during high fever the other one at the same time is hyperactive and asks frequently for sips of water. With the same infection two children within the same house develop completely opposite symptoms which require 2 completely different remedies.


Let’s take an example of rheumatoid arthritis. Three women walk into our centre with this problem. Though all of them have the pain and swelling and immobility of the joints one woman says it happens only in summer. One says that it is worse at about dawn and it disturbs her sleep making her wake up with excruciating pain. The third woman says that she ends up with these pains every time she fights with her uncaring husband which is the case every second day and applying icepacks relieves her all the time. These appear vague statements and have nothing to do with the problem of arthritis. Nonetheless they are very much a part of each of these women and have everything to do with their individual personalities. In fact ,it is these very details which differentiate the arthritis of each of these women. Naturally ,the three women need very different remedies and that is exactly what we as homoeopaths do! It is not surprising when the three women come back for a follow-up the first one reports that her long-standing constipation is helped along with the ailing limbs. The second one says that she can work much better now, her moods are fine while the third one's husband walks in saying she is much more easy to deal with .She is a changed person!

The science analyses every individual having an illness rather than the illness of an individual. For a science so patient-specific each case tests the physician's skill to perceive the unique features of the case to set it apart from a hundred other cases suffering from exactly the same diagnosis.

When patient comes to us we aim at a general level of well-being which supersedes the relief of the complaints which is inevitable. We work towards a better and Healthy living !

When the remedies are selected with such minute detail so as to match every individual demand the question of side -effects does not arise. The pills are very potent so as to bring about relief in minutest doses and they can be harmful if misused. But the basic fundamental of the science is so individualizing and so patient- specific .The technique of selecting the appropriate medicine involves a painstaking and intricate procedure where every detail of the entire personality of the patient mental and physical is taken into account. The first consultation lasts for about two hours. The choice of remedy is such that it matches completely mentally and physically to the character of each patient. When such hard work goes into the selection of the remedy how can there be any side effects at all!