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Online Video Courses

Online education has been very important according to the Joshis’ for any approach to reach far and wide. Their video series have been viewed world over as group sessions. Now these course are available to be viewed online from anywhere in the world.

Currently these video courses going on in England, Scotland, Japan, America, to name a few countries.But now you can view them online.

Dr. Joshis have devised a unique courses, of high quality video seminar, where they have explained their entire system of working, approach & Kingdom classification in detail.

Course for beginners where they have explained about their philosophy of pattern prescription and understanding of the mineral kingdom (the periodic table) in detail.

The approach

Learn the systematic way of case taking & the MAP to prescribe the 3 main kingdoms.

Learn the 7 levels of development their co-relations with the periodic table.

Every case is first shown step-wise with explanations by the doctors at different levels in the case. Then follows the analysis of the case where the student is taken step by step through the questions asked during consultation, the kingdom in the case, the sensation, the deepest polarity of the case and the final remedy selection.

Next follows the differential diagnosis of similar and closely related remedies.

The follow-up concludes the session. The doctors explain what is to be looked for, how to assess any new information given during the follow-up and how and when to make the second prescription.

These courses are priced economically to enable all make the best of it. 

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Online video courses by the Joshis'


A systematic insight into Joshis' MAP system of Homeopathy. The course covers the MAP philosophy, MAP case taking, analysis & use of numbers for better remedy selection. This course opens up the entire invertebrate sub kingdom with cases and understanding. In vertebrates birds are explored along with the cat group of remedies whcih come very close.
Total duration 30 hours. Divided in 6 sessions
Topics Covered  
  • MAP System
  • Invertebrates
  • Birds & Cats
  • Case taking - Joshis' way
Session 1 – Philosophy of MAP system
Duration: 3 hrs.
  • 1) Evolution of the Joshis' Map system.
  • 2) Understanding of levels of Human development.
  • 3) Understanding different levels, number system and its application.
Session 2: Understanding of the vertebrates (Cat remedies)
Duration: 5 hrs.
  • 1) Characteristics of Big cats (lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard etc.)
  • 2) Characteristics of small wild cats and domestic cats.
  • 3) Differentiating cat remedies from bird remedies.
Session 3 and 4: Understanding of Invertebrates
Duration: 12hrs.
  • 1) Use of Invertebrate chart using MAP system.
  • 2) Characteristics of sea remedies (corals, sponges, echinoderms etc.)
  • 3) Characteristics of the insecta group (butterfly, ant, beetles)
  • 4) Characteristics of different spiders.
Session 5 and 6: understanding of bird remedies
Duration: 9 hrs.
  • 1) General characteristics of bird remedies.
  • 2) Characteristics of birds of different levels (level 3 - song birds, 4, 5 - sea birds and 6.)
  • 3) Characteristics of the raptor group.
The video-course comprising 10 sessions is recommended for beginners & students. These sessions comprise several video-cases and explanatory power-point presentations which vividly teach the theory related to cases. The basic concepts of the philosophy of case-taking, miasms, kingdoms and follow up criteria are explained systematically through the lectures.
Total duration 27 hours.
Topics Covered
  • Evolution of Homeopathy from Hahnemannian era till date
  • Understanding miasms
  • Understanding the 3 main kingdoms
  • Comparative study of the animal world with cases from different subgroups like mammals, reptiles, birds and their characteristic features.
  • Cases from the mineral kingdom are followed by an understanding of all the rows and columns of the periodic table.
  • Cases from the plant kingdom are taken and differentiating between similar looking plant families is taught.
A course which deals with many unknown, unexplored issues in Homeopathy at length.
Total duration 28 hours.
Topics Covered
  • Animal classification in depth
  • In depth understanding of the reptiles with focus on the snakes,
  • with short cases, the sea world, crocs, turtles, sponges,
  • 3 sessions over 11 hrs , 3 long video cases
  • Noble gases (Understanding of all the noble gases with cases 2 sessions 6 hrs. Video case of Argon)
  • Row 3 explored once again in detail ( Acute case of Row 3 )
  • Imponderables (Understanding & cases 2 sessions )
  • Nosodes – in depth study of Nosodes over 8 hrs of discussion (6 detailed video cases)
A systematic insight into Joshis' current way of practise.The philosophy of case-taking, what are you looking for in a case! Extensive simplification of the grid of the periodic table to make your foundations sound and clear.
Total duration 12 hours.
Topics Covered
  • Case-taking:The connection between classical/ traditional method of prescription and current approach in clinical practice of homeopathy. Simplified by the Joshis' with their revolutionary discoveries.
  • Understanding the grid of the periodic table:Using the periodic table as a MAP to prescribe all the 3 kingdoms ( plants, animals & minerals) has been the Joshis latest work . The video lays the foundation for this approach.
  • A glimpse into the animal world
  • Thematic classification improves the probability of successful prescriptions. Understand the themes of birds, broad themes of snake remedies and differentiation between elapidae and viperidae groups.
  • Themes of mammals in brief.