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Diet & weight loss

Eat right, Stay fit

What you eat nourishes you, builds you and also transforms you!!! Hence a healthy diet is a very important part of staying fit, healthy and also being productive and successful.

People who live a healthy and symptom free long life are also people who eat wisely.

A well balanced healthy diet is a must for a fit and productive mind and body !!


Myths about ‘Diet’ – busted!

Having a healthy diet does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of taste and flavor.

Having a fit body also does not mean starving to achieve that lean look.


In fact it is just the opposite:

Meet the Joshis for a consultation in diet and transform yourself from fat to fit and 

from a lethargic to an energetic and pepped up personality.

When you take the consultation

  • You will eat more, eat healthy
  • Once in a week you will get your junk-treats as well!


The slogan is – Eat right eat more!!!! 

The same goes with exercise.

Meet with Dr. Bhawisha Joshi to understand your body type, your specific exercise requirement and various options for exercise within your hectic schedule and your limited time resources.

Dr. Bhawisha, herself, exercises, dances and swims regularly to keep herself fit and stress-free despite her clinic, her role as a doting mum and an author and her extensive travels for her seminars !

Having had two decades of experience in handling and juggling between her super-tight schedules at work and her passion for dance and exercise she offers consultation and advice on the same to all her clients and patients through her own examples.

She helps you work around your schedule and give you the right options and choice of work-out that you cam make to keep yourself fit!!


If you’re motivated and want to change yourself – Book an appointment for a session on ‘Transformed Me’.