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Children are the best beneficiaries of Homeopathy. Parents often think that this is because of the ease with which children accept sweet homoeopathic medicines!


Being parents themselves Dr. Joshis’s are aware how concerned all parents are when their little ones are not well.

Dr. Joshis’ have a wide experience in treating children of various age groups with various complaints. Many children who had come to them as infants have grown into healthy teenagers under their care!

The principle of Homeopathy of giving the correct medicine in the most minimum quantity is immensely useful in treating children.

However, there are much more important reasons for administering Homeopathy to children.

The medication is chosen after selecting it and matching it to the child’s personality and hence there is no side – effect.

This is done by a detailed Homoeopathic case-interview. This technique enables us to understand the psyche of the child.

Dr.Bhawisha and Dr.Shachindra on-Children and Homeopathy


We adopt different techniques to investigate children cases, we understand the child’s perception of the world through various modalities like talking to children, making them draw and paint in the clinic & exploring hobbies, likes and dislikes of children.

To understand the child we see the world from the child’s perspective

These case taking techniques where we spend nearly an hour with every child also helps us detect behavioural problems like hyperactivity disorders, stress-induced behavioural issues at early stages.

These can be addressed with appropriate actions through homoeopathic medications. We then guide parents to other therapists like child psychologists & physical therapists.

Homeopathy has a lot to offer to children of all age groups where these small pills are so very potent that they can help in building up immune system of children making them strong to face any infection that they are exposed to.

Along with this homoeopathic medicines help children to absorb all the necessary nutrients from their daily diet without having the need to introduce any dietary supplement. This helps in the overall growth of the child.

We have successfully treated children with conditions like, recurrent tonsillitis, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, allergies, asthma, skin complaints like eczema, psoriasis.

Children with behavioural problems too are successfully tackled with homoeopathy.

Children with allergies:

The clinic has a large amount of children patients who have strong allergies to various substances in form of food allergy/ skin allergy & respiratory allergy.

Their improvement on homoeopathy has been promising with various grades of improvement in all children cases.

Special children:

Along with this we have successfully helped & enhanced quality of life in cases with autism, cerebral palsy, to name a few.