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Video & audio Seminars

There has been a strong demand for Dr. Joshi’s seminars from different part of the world & many have requested to have access to their American & European seminars. Here is an opportunity to access these events

Hudson Seminars - Online Video

Watch the video recordings of Hudson Seminars from 2017. Hudson seminars are some of the best seminars that Dr. Joshis’ have conducted known for its high-quality discussion & the depth of understanding.

Each year’s seminar consists of 3 ½ day of video recording totaling to about 22 hours per seminar.

Watch these seminars for any number of times on vimeo for a period of 2 months from the date of payment.

The seminars are priced at USD $ 300 for each year. You can pay via the link below.




  • Value of Levels in Case taking
  • Cancer cases
  • Insect, Birds, Mammals of Row 4
  • Little known birds
  • Sea Mammals of Row 5


  • Detailed & comprehensive bird charts
  • Detailed case-taking system based on the MAP – ‘So that homoepaths know what to ask to reach there.’
  • Plant families related to the Birds of level 3,4,5 & 6
  • Pathologies like myasthenia, epilepsies, diabetes mellitus etc. treated exclusively with bird remedies.
  • Remedies like Rails, Petrels, Cranes, Toucans, Humming bird, Blue jay, etc..


  • Remedies of all columns and how to see columns in plants and animals in all age groups
  • Animal cases-based on Strength & weakness of every columns clearly.
  • Magic of Level prescription –Several videos and number codes of cases with life changing results with the knowledge of columns and levels
  • Reptiles – A whole new dimension – understanding lizards, crocs, snakes and turtles on the MAP
  • The element of Level 4 in reptile cases
  • Butterflies and beetles on the MAP

Audio Seminars

Berlin Seminars from 2015 until now in German & in English

These seminars have been professionally recorded. They give you a complete understanding of the Joshis’ system of Homeopathy. You can listen to these CDs or audio downloads anytime anywhere.


From deep oceans to wide skies. The seven levels. Homoeopathic remedies from sea animals and birds
Land & Sea Mammals, Water & Migratory Birds. Level 5 - Searching for new horizons
Noble Gases, Imponderables & Mammals. Homeopathy in the Periodic Table
Reptiles and Birds of Prey. Power, Strength and Destruction (English version)