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Dr. Shachindra Joshi

Dr. Shachindra Joshi

M.D. (Hom)

A pastel personality, he gets absorbed and engrossed in the interview to give his patients the best.

Email: Phone: +91-22-26149922
Dr. Bhawisha Joshi

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi

M.D. (Hom)

A vibrant personality, she motivates her patients during the interview and case- studies.

Email: Phone: +91-22-26149922

Dr. Bhawisha & Dr. Shachindra Joshi have begun their practice together after graduation form medical school. Their unique way of working has enabled them to work & grow together successfully over the past 23 yrs.

They are popular in the Homoeopathic world as the ‘Dynamic duo of Homoeopathy’.

Know the Joshi's as your Doctors 


  • are M.D. in Homoeopathy
  • are Internationally acclaimed doctors.
  • graduated in Homoeopathy from the best institute in Asia, which is affiliated to the prestigious Bombay University &  have also completed their Master’s degree in advanced Homoeopathy
  • practice in Vile Parle, a quiet, suburb in north Mumbai (Bombay), India, where they have lived for over 3 decades.
  • provide Homoeopathic care to patients from all strata, age groups and from different parts of the world.
  • have patients come to them from countries like England, Germany, Australia , America, Israel, Spain, Italy, USA, & many more.
  • lead a movement called -"Health Happiness Freedom ", a program which enhances the vigour and quality of life among the health conscious and ensures that in times of stress, the best in a human being comes forth.
  • have been recognized by the 'Science Museum of London' where their clinical work is on display, representing Homoeopathy. Pictures of the duo in their clinic & the remedies they use have been displayed in the Science & Art section of the Museum. (Science Museum, South Kensington, London)
  • have documented cases of cerebral palsy, chronic renal failure, asthma, thyroid disorders, pneumonia, PCOD, and    epileptic seizures which have been taken care of successfully with Homeopathy. These cases have been regularly   monitored pathologically and evaluated by specialists in the respective subjects.
  • have special interesting in treating children with various complaints ranging from allergies, auto immune disorder, behavioural issues in children, womens complaints like PCOS. Children from various part of the city & country come to them.


Clinical Experience:

  • have had an independent practice as Homoeopathic consultants for the last 21 years at Vile Parle
  • have a satellite set up in England & America for over 10 yrs. Where patients of various age groups consult them for their complaints.
  • have served as honorary doctors at the Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying and Destitute (at Santacruz, Mumbai, 1996-1999).
  • educators at the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Maharashtra Chapter, for the past 17 years.
  • Ex- consultants at ‘The Other Song’- Academy for Classical Homoeopathy, Andheri, Mumbai (2011 - 2015)


Patients Poll: 

What people say about us as Doctors:

I have found Homoeopathy very dramatic in my case. People tell me it is long term treatment but my four yrs. old problem of Slip disc (prolapsed inter-vertebral disc) disappeared in just about three hours. I can now run, walk, do my regular yoga, carry heavy weights and I no longer lead a restricted life that I used to with my problem. I am totally off any medication for my back problem. 

Mr. A. A.

I had visited Dr. Bhawisha for my problem of chronic sinusitis and follicular tonsillitis but to my surprise my period problems also came under control with the medication. My mood swings and irritability have reduced after her medication and I find my energy levels much higher.. 

Mrs. N. S.


IMG 3139IMG 1109


Academic Interests

Dr. Bhawisha is the author of one of the most popular books in Homoeopathy titled – Homoeopathy & Patterns in the Periodic Table- Part 1, published in 2008. This book has been translated in 3 different languages. She has written 8 books and co authoured 4 more books on Homoeopathy with her husband Dr. Shachindra .

Read more about their books & their publishing house


Interests and recreation

Both the doctors believe in practising what they preach. Dr. Bhawisha indulges in regular exercise in form of daily workouts & regular swimming. Dr. Shachindra enjoys his swim after clinic.

Read more about healthy living & eating



Clinical Sessions in Mumbai

(Students from abroad who come to attend Dr. Joshis’ clinic for experience)

The most challenging thing for me in learning the sensation method has been the case taking skills. This dynamic duo have been most willing to engage at this experiential level providing regular support through use of video cases and tutorials online. They are highly experienced technicians in the art of case taking providing clear and systematic descriptions of their thought processes as they take each case. Their personal knowledge of each group's perceptual and conceptual difficulties allows them to respond as teachers with individuation. Their teaching style is encouraging and supportive at all times. . 
Graz Baran // Attended the clinic for 2 weeks in January 2009
It was a great privilege to be able to sit in and observe two master homeopaths at work each day in their Mumbai clinic. There was a variety of cases to observe and Bhawisha and Shachindra were very available and generous in allowing plenty of time for discussion of cases, materia medica and philosophy. The whole experience was very complete for me.
Kieran Linnane, LCH, RSHom // Attended the clinic for 2 weeks in December 2009
 Video conference teaching sessions, London : The Joshis are wonderfully clear teachers and the course gives an explicit and accessible demonstration of the Bombay Method in action, which inspires confidence.
Jane Harter, Muswell Hill // London 2008

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A word about Joshis’ Seminars:

A word about Joshis’ Seminars:
Dr. Joshis' seminars are rated amongst the best in the field of Homoeopathy. Their lectures are highly appreciated for their simplicity, enthusiasm and in-depth analysis.

Their cases are scientifically documented and well worked up on. This gives the seminar participants complete understanding of Dr. Joshis clinical work whcih they can reproduce in their practice.

Their Live case seminars are popular all over the world where the participants get a chance to see the dynamic duo in action. Bhawisha and Shachindra have such an dynamism in their work that cases & presentation show how intricately their work is synchronised. The duo does this by bringing alive their material through interplay and dialogue. It makes the interaction dynamic and memorable.

Their live-case seminars unique events where participants can witness the process of case-taking as it goes on in the clinic and learn by observation. A detailed, exhaustive discussion and analysis of the case follows. Every participant gets to put forth his/her views about the case and doubts and questions regarding the process.

2018 Seminars :
2018 › Events of the year 2018
May 17 - 20, 2018

Hudson, New York, USA


The MAP of the birds

From Humming birds to Petrels
From Toucans to Owls
Bird remedies of all levels

Differences between individual seabirds like petrel, albatross, sea gull, kingfisher etc.
• Differences between Row 3,4 and Row 5 birds
• Clear connections between Lanthanides and Raptors from the patients perspective
• The entire classification (homeopathically relevant)
• homoeopathic themes
• comparison and differences of birds homeopathically.
Case-taking technique
• Precise questions pertaining to different levels
• Clarity in deciding the level in the case
Plant remedies corresponding to the bird remedies discussed in detail.

Marina Braun: +1-914 378 5320
Sonam Kushner: +1- 646 486 1937

May 25-27, 2018



  • Level 4 & 5

    · Otters, seals, dolphins, wolves, giraffe, camel (many more) - land and sea mammals of row 5

    · Rare birds of Row 5 like Kingfisher and differentiating amongst various sea birds (Pelicans, Heron, Crane, Albatross, Petrel , Penguin, Geese, Swans, Cormorants, Flamingo, Stork)

    · Plants of Level 5 (Anacardiaceae, Rutales, Rosales, Euphorbiaceae and others)

Contact :
Wyka Evelyn Feige:

June 1-3, 2018

Bucharest, ROMANIA


Understand the entire MAP
  • Understanding the MAP of Case taking & the Levels by Joshis ( Complete concept)
  • Mammals and their behaviour fine differencies
  • Bird of Level 3 & 5 & their Plant connections
  • Live case study 


Dr. Ecaterina Floroiu:

June 9 - 10, 2018



Refined MAP of the Joshis
• Cases from plant and animal on the MAPs of Joshis
• Case-taking MAP which explains in detail how to come to come to the exact diagnosis of the patient and the remedy
             MAP of case-taking in clear and reproducible steps
             Understand the level of human development
             Determine the animal or plant of that level
             Explore various sub levels and columns and come to the exact species of plant or mineral to be prescribed.
             Differentiating fine nuances of homeopathic themes prescription between all sea-birds
Exploring Sea Bird remedies
Albatross (Diomediadae), Petrel(Procellaridae ), Geese (Anatids), Swans (Cygnus), Flamingo (Phoenicopter), Heron (Ardeidae), Stork (Ciconiformes), Cormorants (Phalocrocoracidae), Loon (Gaviidae), Crane ( Gruiformes ), Sea Gulls (Lariidae )


G+ group :

Sept 13 - 16, 2018

Montreal, CANADA


Detailed & comprehensive bird charts.

Detailed case-taking system based on the MAP
Birds of level 3,4,5 & 6
Remedies like Migratory birds , Petrels , Albatrosses, hornbills, woodpeckers, Rails, Cranes, Toucans, Humming birds, Jays , etc..
Comparison and understanding of Lanthanides.

Contact :
Ms. Christiane Magee

Similimum Homeopathy

Oct 26 - 28, 2018

Moscow, RUSSIA

Ekayan- Joshis in Moscow

A New begining in Moscow with Dr. Olga Fatoula, who join them & share her work with us.

  • Joshis MAP of prescription
  • Birds & Levels
  • understanding and classifying bird remedies
  • Map of Birds, homeopathic pictures, MM and codes of Bird preparations

Contact :

Nov 3 - 4, 2018

Turin, ITALY

  • Map of Birds, homeopathic pictures, MM and codes of Bird preparations
  • Steps of case taking – Simplified step approach developed
  • Birds & plants of row 4,5 & 6 (Migratory birds, small strong birds and of course the raptors
  • Auto immune pathologies treated with bird remedies
Contact :

Federico Audisio di Somma :

Nov 8 -10, 2018



  • The MAP of placing Homoeopathic Remedies on the grid of the Periodic Table
  • Birds of Level 3,4 & 5 ( Extensive and detailed study and differentiation of various sub families)
  • Glimpse of spiders & Insects on the periodic table

 Contact : Austrain Medical Homoeopathic Association


2019 › Events of the year 2019
Feb 11 - 21, 2019

Jim Corbett National Park, INDIA

Jungle Seminar 2019 with the Joshis

The most awaited seminar 



The clinic is situated in the plush and quiet suburb of Vile Parle East in Mumbai. The couple has been associated with Homoeopathy since the past 20 years and believes it is the right answer to several problems of today's Modern World. The clinic specialises in treating people of all ages, adults and children. The specialises in treating pathologies that are related to allergies ( opthalmic, skin, digestive system), auto immune complaints like scleroderma, arthritis, SLE, multiple sclerosis and complaints related to women like PCOS. The clinc as well gives supportive treatment for cancer cases.


Visit the clinic:

You will first interact with the Senior/ junior doctors who will note down the precise details of your complaints, examine and note the case history. Following this you will interact with either of the Drs. Joshis'. The clinic functions such that in the absence of Dr. Joshis' during their overseas commitments, the senior & junior doctors in charge of both new clients and follow ups. This ensures that you get the best treatment in their absence.

First visit:

The first intake is crucial in the treatment where the doctors give sufficient time to study every individual. The objective of this consultation is to help you disconnect form the rest of the world & experience yourself. All patients go into a meditative and introspective phase during the interview and experience and understand so many things deep within their subconscious that they had no clue existed.


While you wait:

You will be offered a cup of green tea to relax yourself and gather yourself well before the consultation begins. You can read Dr. Joshis books and concepts on healing and health while sipping your tea or watch David Attenborough’s series on different animal behaviours. After all aren’t we animals, too?

Games and books for children make it a pleasant wait for our little friends who otherwise are terrorised by the idea of clinics.


Minimum wait time:

The clinic infrastructure, schedule and facilities are designed in such a way that every patient gets adequate quality time with the doctors.We believe in the policy of minimum waiting time.

Hence all appointments, New case & follow-ups, are strictly by appointments only. This nullifies our patients' waiting time and their inconvenience.

You will often not see long queues at the clinic for the same reason.


The unique features adopted at Dr. Joshis’ Care

Computerized Analysis: The clinic use the most advanced and extensive software in Homoeopathy-"The Mac Repertory and Reference Works" for every patient.

Medication: The medications are dispensed from the clinic itself. The medicines are high quality natural products obtained from reliable pharmacies across the country & from Helios pharmacy, London & Remedia Homoeopathic pharmacy, Vienna, Austria.

Instructions: Along with the medication you receive instructions and precautions regarding the medication.  The clinic file that you will receive after the consultation will have answers to commonly asked question along with the instructions regarding the medication.

Diet and Regimen: You can also avail the facility of dietary advice taking into account your weight, desired calorie intake and your nutritional requirement.  Visit our  Lifestyle, Wellness & Diabetes section.

Follow-up: The patient is called in every month to assess the progress of the treatment. These visits are also video-recorded to note the changes in the patient during the course of treatment.

Follow-ups through video conference: Patients who have consulted with Dr. Joshis’ have the advantage of visiting Dr. Joshis’ for a follow up via video conference if they cannot make it to the clinic for a follow up.

Emergency Medical Kit: Common problems of travel like diarrhoeas, infections, sunstroke, coughs, and colds, minor injuries etc. can be handled with our First-Aid kit effectively. The kit comes with all the necessary instructions for its appropriate use.

Our travel kit is on display at the Science museum, London. 

science musium

Reminders: Once you book an appointment, the clinic automatically sends you the details via e mail. The clinic reminds clients periodically for follow up appointments.

SMS informing about Dr. Joshis’ schedule and availability is sent to all periodically

Long distance and Overseas patients: Our medicines are regularly posted and couriered to different parts of India and the world except for countries which have custom prohibition on import of medications.


To know about long distance treatment & video consultation Click here

To know about long distance treatment & video consultation click here

A world class center dedicated for complete holistic care by Internationally renowned doctors, Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi.

The Dynamic Duo of the Homoeopathic world.

Located in Vile Parle, Mumbai, they provide Homoeopathic care to patients from all sectors, all age groups, from young infants, children to adults. They see clients from India and from different parts of the world.

Over the last 2 decades they have helped thousands of people. Children treated by them have grown up into successful adults. They rever the doctors for their help and guidance at various stages in life.

Homoeopathy with its holistic approach targets the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis directly and is  the right answer for the Modern day illnesses.

They specialise in treating cases of allergies, auto-immune complaints like multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, severe urticria, orthopaedic complaints like rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal complaints like PCOS, diabetes, auto-immune thyroditis, high blood pressure.

Watch us in action

Watch us talk about it
Kieran Linnane LCH, RSHom , Cornwall England
It was a great privilege to be able to sit in and observe two master homeopaths at work each day in their Mumbai clinic. There was a variety of cases to observe and Bhawisha and Shachindra were very available and generous in allowing plenty of time for discussion of cases, materia medica and philosophy. The whole experience was very complete for me.
Jane Harter London 2008
The Joshis are wonderfully clear teachers and the course gives an explicit and accessible demonstration of the Bombay Method in action, which inspires confidence.