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england study groupThe seminars and workshops annually held by the doctors in different countries disseminate the most recent advances in the world of Homeopathy. The enthusiasm generated in these seminars make participants go back to their practice with a renewed vigour and passion.

To keep this enthusiasm at its optimum level required regular interactions of the participants with the dynamic duo. The need for an online course was suggested to keep in touch with the doctors. This was achieved by starting an online course for a few English friends and colleagues. This is now a regular feature.
These sessions have been going on every year since 2006. The 'virtual' course comprises a live video-chat with the doctors online for two to three hours once every 3 months. Each session imparts and carries forth a 'booster dose' of the zest and gusto as in the live sessions; the group thus maintains its passion for the science. Alongside, it clarifies doubts that come up in day to day practice.

Ms. Graz Baran from England has been instrumental in conducting these courses since 2008. She was joined by Ms. Ilana Dannheisser who conducted the study group in London. 

The consistant work done has beniffitted many new and old homoeopaths to strengthen their understanding.

To take this platform of teaching further, we begin our Advanced Clinical Training in London from September 2015  in London.

Visit their site & join our systmatic approach in imparting advanced teaching.

The ACT course conducts sessions in London, Bristol & Shrewburry in England. The ACT group is open to students in England & mainland Europe too.

Watch a short video about the course



Know the Joshis as your teachers

They :

  • have earned themselves the title: the Dynamic Duo of the Homoeopathic world.
  • teach homoeopathy at post-graduate level all over the world
  • online courses for students all over the world. Their lectures are highly appreciated for their simplicity, enthusiasm and in-depth analysis.
  • have a knack of clarifying doubts.
  • have made a name for themselves as teachers par excellence.
  • explain the detailed aspects of every case.
  • bring the Materia Medica alive.
  • make sure the doubts of every participant are answered.
  • are easy to approach and generous in sharing their knowledge.
  • are involved in active, contemporary research and have introduced new concepts in the field.
  • are pioneers in developing the understanding about Noble gases, Imponderables & Nosodes
  • are pioneer of web teaching in Homoeopathy, began teaching a small group in England since 2005 & since then have conducted various web based educational programs for homeopaths.
  • run a popular web based education series titled – Monthly Tonic with the Joshis


About their teaching technique:

Their art of simplifying complex issues makes one want to learn more from them. Their seminar & especially their Live case seminars are popular all over the world where the participants get a chance to see the dynamic duo in action. Bhawisha and Shachindra have such a dynamism in their work that cases & presentation show how intricately their work is synchronised. The duo does this by bringing alive their material through interplay and dialogue. It makes the interaction dynamic and memorable. Their live-case seminars unique events where participants can witness the process of case-taking as it goes on in the clinic and learn by observation. A detailed, exhaustive discussion and analysis of the case follows. Every participant gets to put forth his/her views about the case and doubts and questions regarding the process.

Some of the places where they have spoken

I. Lectured at:
  • Key Note speakers at the JHAC (Joint American Homoeopathic Congress) Washington, April 2013
  • WISH for Children , Germany October 2012
  • Meeting Point International Seminar , London 2014
  • The Academy of Classical Homoeopathy, London
  • Pinnacle Seminars, London ( 2006,2007,2008,2009, 2010,2011,2012,2013,2015)
  • Regular speakers at OGHM , Austrian Homoeopathic Association , Vienna ( 2008,2009,2011,2013,2015)
  • Regular speakers at Australian Homoeopathic Association ( AHA) , Brisbane, Melbourne (2005, 2012, 2016)
  • C K H, Leuven , Belgium (2005,2006)
  • The Hungarian Homoeopathic association, Budapest (2009)
  • The Ontario School of Homoeopathy, Canada (2001)
  • The Homoeopathic Centrum, Antwerp, Belgium (2002, 2003)
  • Regular speakers at Forimed, Germany ( 2011,2012,2013,2014)
  • Regular speakers at Similia, Moscow, Russia (2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016)
  • Several other privately organized seminars and workshops for senior practitioners and postgraduate medicos in  America, England, Belgium, Romania, Australia, Japan & Switzerland
  • Speakers at ‘The Other Song’- Academy for Classical Homoeopathy, Andheri, Mumbai ( 2011 - 2015)
II Authors:
  • Homoeopathy & Pattern in the Periodic Table – Part 1, by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi
  • Nosodes & Imponderables come Alive ! by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi
  • Quick Book of Minerals & Animals by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi 
  • Explore you inner HUMAN- ANIMAL connection The Joshis Approach by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi
  • Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi


III Organized:

• Several lecture series for doctors from various parts of the world since the past 13 years. Mega seminars like "Millennium Bombay Seminar 2001", "Bombay Seminar 2002", and
"Bombay Seminar 2004". Also, "Sun, Sand & Sensation" in Goa, February, 2006. These were attended by 1000 doctors from most Indian states and 26 countries including the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Russia

Read their interview for Hpathy the online journal about their outlook at the way Homoeopathy is practised today.

Future Seminars

Watch them teach

Kingdom understanding by Dr Bhawisha Joshi part 1
Kingdom understanding by Dr Bhawisha Joshi part 2
Understanding Imponderables by dr Shachindra Joshi
Hudson 2012 seminar wth the Joshis 1



Homoeopathy -towards a healthy living We talk of health all the time. Health clubs, health foods, health spas are a fad nowadays. Health is something we all want. But do we even know what health means. The Webster dictionary gives the meaning of health as freedom from defect ,pain or disease. So it defines health as what it is not rather than what it is. But this is very similar to stating that we are happy because we have no debts to pay. Just as the mere absence of debt does not imply that we are wealthy similarly absence of disease does not imply that we are healthy. The Dorland's medical dictionary gives the definition of health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being. True health must be thought of in positive, dynamic terms not simply as'No Disease'.Homoeopathy defines health asfreedom on the physical level where the entire body operates in an integrated, harmonious way for optimum efficiency allowing us to respond appropriately to the environment.

Asfreedom on the emotional levelto experience a wide array of emotions in a positive and enriching way so that we have joyful and satisfying relationships.

Thus health means "To be in Harmony with yourself and with the environment." Using this broad definition try answering these questions.

Are you healthy?

Do you experience the kind of freedom inherent in true health?

And it is this very definition which provides a perspective on the enormous and magnificent potential inherent in each and every one of us.

Now it is time to redefine disease through homoeopathy. According to this system symptoms are mere indications that the internal harmony of the body mechanisms is altered. The disharmony allows the disease (dis-ease) to set in. Of the symptoms that develop a few are common to the disease and are helpful in the diagnosis of the disease. The rest are symptoms peculiar to the patient.

Often we have mothers complaining that while one child is dull drowsy & thirst less during high fever the other one at the same time is hyperactive and asks frequently for sips of water. With the same infection two children within the same house develop completely opposite symptoms which require 2 completely different remedies.

Let’s take an example of rheumatoid arthritis. Three women walk into our centre with this problem. Though all of them have the pain and swelling and immobility of the joints one woman says it happens only in summer. One says that it is worse at about dawn and it disturbs her sleep making her wake up with excruciating pain. The third woman says that she ends up with these pains every time she fights with her uncaring husband which is the case every second day and applying icepacks relieves her all the time. These appear vague statements and have nothing to do with the problem of arthritis. Nonetheless they are very much a part of each of these women and have everything to do with their individual personalities. In fact ,it is these very details which differentiate the arthritis of each of these women. Naturally ,the three women need very different remedies and that is exactly what we as homoeopaths do! It is not surprising when the three women come back for a follow-up the first one reports that her long-standing constipation is helped along with the ailing limbs. The second one says that she can work much better now, her moods are fine while the third one's husband walks in saying she is much more easy to deal with .She is a changed person!

The science analyses every individual having an illness rather than the illness of an individual. For a science so patient-specific each case tests the physician's skill to perceive the unique features of the case to set it apart from a hundred other cases suffering from exactly the same diagnosis.

When patient comes to us we aim at a general level of well-being which supersedes the relief of the complaints which is inevitable. We work towards a better and Healthy living !

When the remedies are selected with such minute detail so as to match every individual demand the question of side -effects does not arise. The pills are very potent so as to bring about relief in minutest doses and they can be harmful if misused. But the basic fundamental of the science is so individualizing and so patient- specific .The technique of selecting the appropriate medicine involves a painstaking and intricate procedure where every detail of the entire personality of the patient mental and physical is taken into account. The first consultation lasts for about two hours. The choice of remedy is such that it matches completely mentally and physically to the character of each patient. When such hard work goes into the selection of the remedy how can there be any side effects at all!


he homoeopathic remedy works bystimulating the body's own healing power. The stimulus will help assist your own system to clear itself of any expressions of imbalance. The aim is to bring your own body to a level of health so as to cure in acute cases. In chronic cases you will need infrequent treatment and eventually no treatment at all.


The journey to the person within The case taking or the case investigating technique applied by Dr. Joshis’ is very unique. They on an average spend about 2 hours with each patient for the first visit. In this period they evaluate the complaint the person is suffering & through that they understand the personality. In this process they explore into many intricate, unknown on a day to day basis, aspects of the person that have not been explored before. It’s a journey that the person undertakes within himself. This journey into your subconscious can be very interesting & intruding. The process of healing begins right from this point onwards. The Homeopathic remedy selected after this journey helps you a deep healing.


To find the right remedy for you as an individual we need to know all about you. An understanding of you as a person, your habits, patterns of behaviour, likes and dislikes, your reactive pattern along with a detailed description of your complaint and the symptoms you experience all together will direct us in helping you. Anything that is typical of you will help us in this process. Finding out about your general energy level, your past medical history and the way you live is also important. Anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence. The initial consultation will last for an hour or two.


The medicines will be given to you in the form of pills and powders. At times a liquid can also be given in cases needful of frequent doses. The medicines are made out of milk sugar and cane sugar. They are medicated with the remedy prepared in alcohol base. The medicines used are all made from natural products of the best quality by a German based company. They are sweet to taste and do not require any water to be taken along with them. In fact, they are absorbed directly from the mucosal lining of the oral cavity (mouth) hence they should be sucked once put into the mouth and not be swallowed with water etc.We suggest that you avoid strong smelling perfumes, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, iodex, other balms they antidote the effect of the medicine which is administered in very minute quantities. Black coffee and peppermints should also be avoided as these interfere with the action of the remedy. If you are given homoeopathic remedies to take at a later date be sure to store them in a cool dark place, away from anything with a strong smell.


After taking your medicine you may notice some changes. Along with a relief in the ailments patients experience a period of exceptional well-being and optimism. Sometimes your symptoms may appear to get worse for a short time followed by relief in complaints. This aggravation of complaints is a good sign. Sometimes a discharge or cold or a rash may appear after taking the medicine .All these are various reactions which you may or may not experience. These are due to individual sensitivity and are due to individual reaction to the medicine and not due to the medicine per se. All these symptoms are part of the healing process and will pass soon. Let us know if you develop these symptoms and we will help you out if they are of concern. You are also required to make a note of any changes you observe during your treatment.



Our Philosophy

Dr. Joshis always believe in sharing their work with the world at large so that they can benefit from their experience. They have always made an effort to simplify complex concepts in order to make them applicable in everyday life & practice. Their teachings reflect this philosophy. With this objective they began publishing their work since 2008 & have so far published 6 books. These books have been well received by the Homoeopathic community & translated in different languages.

 Click the tabs given below to read more & place an order

Ekayan - Plant Theory of Scholten & Joshis' Animal MAP

by Dr. Jan Scholten, Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi
A book on the Ekayan seminar held in Mumbai from January 20-22, 2017

Quotes from the book 

Dr. Jan Scholten 
I have a rule, in an unknown case, we have to prescribe an unknown remedy; that's the law of Similars.
I adhere to it. So when the law says Similimum will cure, then my conclusion is that when the law is really correct and when you cannot cure, you haven't come to Similimum.
Dr. Joshis
“New ways of understanding the patients is the need of the hour. We are not the same we were 200 years ago, when homeopathy was found."

Highlights of the book

  • Overview of the plant table by Jan Scholten
  • Joshis’ Map of remedies (mineral, plant and animal remedies on one grid)
  • Dialogue between the genius Jan Scholten and the dynamic duo on plant theory
  • Simplified  explanation of Jan Scholten’s plant theory
  • Cases and plant remedies of Materia medica – common and rare 
  • Cases of mammal remedies – Lac lox, Lac rhesus, Panthera tigris, Lac caninum, Lac equinum, etc.                                        
  • Ekayan Seminar -  For the first time in the history of Homeopathy – A systematic Map of plant, mineral and animal remedies on one grid!
  • Plants remedies with the genius Jan Scholten & Animal remedies with the dynamic duo Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi
  • All in a 288 page book with a colour chart at the end


        Reading excerpts



Paypal Price USD $ 58.00

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Joshis'MAP of Invertebrates

by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi

For the first time an easy chart to help you prescribe the largest group of species in our animal kingdom – The Invertebrates.

 Highlights of the Chart

Simplified prescriptions using levels
  • A number for each important aspect of a persons personality – to select the right invertebrate remedy
  • Quick overview of Joshis' approach
  • Joshis' system of Levels and Columns
  • All invertebrates graded with numbers
  • How to use the chart
  • 6 fold easy to carry and use color chart



Paypal Price USD $ 23.00

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Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals

by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi

Yet another amazing book by the Dynamic duo of homoeopathy.

An inspiring work from their continuous uphill battle to find more remedies in the animal Kingdom. The deep connection that these four limbed animals have with the humans have been revealed in a picturesque mode.

 “We humans are primarily animals and it is only expected that we feel connection to them in many ways. These connection could be positive or negative. We may love them, fear them or dislike them. Some of us may simply admire them in the wild. Since the outer world is a mere reflection of our deep inner pattern, the animals we love, hate, like or fear may actually be a resonance with our innermost nature and our patterns.” -The Joshis

Highlights of the book

  • Concept and philosophy of  “The Pattern Approach”
  • Case taking process explained ‘The Joshi Way’
  • Unlock the mammal remedies in practice
  • Concise and precise drug pictures and their connection to the animal in nature
  • Comparative Materia medica of similar remedies
  • Quick tables and charts for ready referral
  • An entire book dedicated to known and unknown mammal species
  • Over 200 mammal drug pictures explained
  • 540 page color book
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Paypal Price USD $ 98.00 Price inclusive of shipping

Quick book of Minerals & Animals

by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi

We see that every plant, mineral or animal has an equivalent or counterpart in the other two kingdoms. Patients can be helped over a very long period and to a very deep level by using this connection and moving from one kingdom to another. This has been our discovery and work over the last six years. We have worked extensively on mineral rows and their connections to different animal subgroups and have tried to put it down in a very concise and systematic manner. The book is called Quick Book as it is a quick and easy table side reference book for all homeopaths.

 Highlights of the book

For the first time in Homeopathy Quick ready handbook
  • 18 Columns of Minerals
  • Rows of the periodic table
  • Comparison between the Minerals & Animals
  • New concepts and approach in understanding Animal cases
  • Mammal classification chart, their key features
  • Comparing Birds with the Periodic table
  • 80 page colour handbook
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Quick Book of Minerals & Animals

Now in Italian language

Released on October 26, 2014.

To purchase a copy in Italian language contact 

Dott. Federico Audisio di Somma  @


For our German friends  we have now published our best seller in German

Quick book Minerale und Tiere

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi und Dr. Shachindra Joshi


Höhepunkte des Buches

Zum ersten Mal in der Homöopathie Schnell bereit Handbuch
  • 18 Spalten des Minerals
  • Reihen des Periodensystems
  • Vergleich zwischen den Mineralien & Tiere
  • Neue Konzepte und Vorgehensweise für das Verständnis Tier Fällen
  • Säugetier Klassifizierung chart, deren Hauptmerkmale
  • Vergleicht man Vögel mit dem Periodensystem
  • 84 Seite Farbe Handbuch

For bulk orders mail us @



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Homoeopathy & Patterns in the Periodic table – Part 1 (Published 2008)

by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi’s first book - ‘Homoeopathy & Patterns in the periodic table – Part 1’. This 400 page book has been very well received all over the world. This book has been translated into German, Russian & Japanese languages.

About the Book

Bhawisha Joshi is popular for her insight into Noble gases and her extensive work on mineral remedies. In this book, she has put together a complete comprehensive understanding of the periodic table and detailed the picture of elements of Rows 1- 3. Every element has been explored to the utmost detail .Most important of all – the information is put in a reader friendly manner .The cases are well-edited and several tables have been put forth for quick and easy reference .The left and the right side of the periodic table are effectively compared as are individual elements and an entire section is dedicated to Salt remedies.

Highlights of the book

For the first time in Homeopathy Quick ready handbook
  • Polarity of various kingdoms
  • Cases of each element of the first three rows
  • Chapter on Noble gases, Halogens & Imponderables
  • Complete section on Salts
  • Table indicating the Successful & Unsuccessful side of single elements
  • Various tables for quick referrals of Rows, Salts & Noble gases
  • 410 page book
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Nosodes & Imponderables come Alive !(Published 2011)

by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi & Dr. Shachindra Joshi
About the Book

In this book the main sensation behind the Nosodes and Imponderables are explained by Dr. Bhawisha and Dr. Shachindra Joshi. The reader can follow the journey of the Joshis’ and see how they came to the understanding of these remedies. Different Nosodes and Imponderables have been demonstrated and well explained though cases each of which have at least 2 years of follow up. The book also helps to understand the basic difference between the different miasms as well as their Nosodes.
A whole new concept on miasmatic relationships and the comparison between different miasms another salient feature of this book.
The Joshis’ rich and intriguing experiences with Imponderables have been explored in-depth. Furthermore we can read differentiation with similar remedy groups in both Nosodes and Imponderable categories.

Highlights of the book

For the first time in Homeopathy Quick ready handbook
  • The Basic Understanding of Miasms
  • Joshis' Take on Miasmatic Relationships
  • Understanding the Nosode Kingdom
  • Comparative Analysis of Nosodes with Sarcodes
  • Fungi and Bacteria
  • Understanding Imponderables & their themes
  • Different Imponderables and their cases
  • Tables for quick references
  • 320 page book
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For the German Version –


Explore your inner  HUMAN - ANIMAL CONNECTION  The Joshis' Approach (Published 2015)

 by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi
About the Book & its contents
A book that will transform the way you look at yourself and your sickness
A book that will empower you !

Pick this book up and find out

  • How your mind works
  • Why you fall sick
  • You are not dependent on the doctor to help you everytime !
  • You can change your sickness and your situation
  • You can find health, happiness and freedom


  • Find what animal does your inner personality match with !!!!
  • Find heart-touching case stories of people just like you and how they found their inner being – their strength and how they were healed !!!

A brief dynamic book on the concepts and practice of the Joshi couple !!

 If you are a Homoeopath: This is a book 
  • That will help your patients understand themselves
  • That explains the basic principles of homoeopathy
  • That will help your patients understand & admire your practice and your work.
If you are a beginner:
  • If you are new and want to know the joshi concepts, this book will open you up and introduce you to a completely new realm of thought, concepts and skills that you can acquire to enhance your practice.


 Reading Excerpts



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Yoga for Health & Happiness

Written by Mr. Narendra Doshi and inspired by Dr. Bhawisha Joshi

A masterpiece originated from 20 years of experience and research of Yoga by Shri. Narendra Doshi.


About The Author

Mr. Narendra Doshi, the author of this book, is the father of Dr. Bhawisha Joshi. An engineer and a businessman by profession, he has taken up Yoga and Jain form of meditation for the last 2 decades. He has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Jainology and Comparative Religions and Master’s degree in Prekshadhyan (Meditation) and Yoga. At the age of 72, he and his wife Mrs. Divya Doshi begin their day with 2 hours of yoga. 

Every asana in the book has a photograph of Mr. Narendra Doshi or his wife performing the asana!

About the Book

This book has detailed description of several meditative and yogic asanas along with their benefits, use in specific medical conditions and much more. Detailed illustration of simple yet effective asanas for beginners as well as habitual yoga practitioner so that they can learn and practice and benefit from it.

Highlights of the book

  • Description of 42 simple and effective yoga poses, 10 breathing exercises and 8 kriyas.
  • Benefits of each asana and pranayama explained with suggestion of point of concentration.
  • Specially designed breathing techniques and meditation techniques explained.
  • Yogic solution for 28 ailments.
  • Description of 7 chakras with their specific correlation with the endocrine glands and nervous system.
  • Brief description of Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Do’s, Don’ts and Myths of Yoga.
  • 40 Health tips.

Dr. Bhawisha & Dr. Shachindra Joshi are strong believers of “ Harmony within oneself”. 

Through their clinical practice and teachings, they advocate this harmony. Their lectures are popular all over the world in the field of Homoeopathy and wellness. 

They have self- published 5 books in Homoeopathy which have been well received by homoeopaths all over the world.

Their work has been translated into German, Italian, Russian & Japanese languages.

This book on yoga is yet another tool to help our body and mind.

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A world class center dedicated for complete holistic care by Internationally renowned doctors, Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi.

The Dynamic Duo of the Homoeopathic world.

Located in Vile Parle, Mumbai, they provide Homoeopathic care to patients from all sectors, all age groups, from young infants, children to adults. They see clients from India and from different parts of the world.

Over the last 2 decades they have helped thousands of people. Children treated by them have grown up into successful adults. They rever the doctors for their help and guidance at various stages in life.

Homoeopathy with its holistic approach targets the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis directly and is  the right answer for the Modern day illnesses.

They specialise in treating cases of allergies, auto-immune complaints like multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, severe urticria, orthopaedic complaints like rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal complaints like PCOS, diabetes, auto-immune thyroditis, high blood pressure.

Watch us in action

Watch us talk about it
Kieran Linnane LCH, RSHom , Cornwall England
It was a great privilege to be able to sit in and observe two master homeopaths at work each day in their Mumbai clinic. There was a variety of cases to observe and Bhawisha and Shachindra were very available and generous in allowing plenty of time for discussion of cases, materia medica and philosophy. The whole experience was very complete for me.
Jane Harter London 2008
The Joshis are wonderfully clear teachers and the course gives an explicit and accessible demonstration of the Bombay Method in action, which inspires confidence.