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There are two ways of treating the sick individual. One is by the law of opposites and the other is by the law of Similars. Homoeopathy works on the law of Similars. Simply, it means: -A medicine, which can produce sleeplessness in a healthy individual, can cure the complaint of sleeplessness in a sick individual. A medicine that can produce diarrhea in a healthy individual can cure a person suffering from diarrhea. The medicine once taken stimulates and enhances the body's own mechanism to fight the disease. It corrects the body's immunity, which in turn fights the disease. 
The homoeopath aims not at the disease but at raising your Immune Response. To target this, he needs to know your entire personality physically, intellectually, emotionally and also your subconscious. A collection of all these together help in the selection of the medicine. Hence the extensive case-taking that you undergo helps us to put all these aspects together.
THIS IS NOT TRUE! Homoeopathy can give quick effective results within 5 to 10 minutes in severe gallstone, renal and abdominal colic. It can bring down temperatures in just 10 minutes in case of high fevers and works effectively in malaria, typhoid etc. However in chronic cases of arthritis, skin allergies, asthma etc. affecting the patient since 15-20 years the remedy must be given 6 months to a year to treat the problem effectively.
Any medicine that has effects has side effects. Homoeopathic medication if taken without the supervision of a qualified Homoeopath can have adverse effects. The reasons why our medication has no side-effects are as follows:  • The quantity is minimum.  • The remedy is prepared by serial dilutions to liberate its healing properties. This process is called potentisation where    its physical quantity is reduced and its potential is enhanced.  • The homoeopath goes through a painstaking two-hour procedure to find the remedy most suited to your entire    personality. It is this intricate detailed Similarity between the patient and his medication that nullifies any chances  of side effects. 
Avoid use of any external applications like balms, ointments etc., which have camphor or menthol in them. These are known to antidote the effect of the minimum dose. Besides they help only by causing counter irritation and diversion from the pain. Avoid strong perfumes. You can consume your regular tea and coffee but if you are not used to these things refrain from doing anything new during the course of the treatment. Do not stop any allopathic medication on your own. These medications have to be tapered down under medical supervision.
Our medication can be taken on empty stomach, after breakfast, after lunch or at anytime of the day. The only precaution is to keep the mouth clean 15-20 minutes before and after the dose. This is necessary to allow proper absorption of the medication through the tongue.
In some case we see a Homoeopathic aggravation. This is a good sign in the course of your treatment. At such times the symptoms intensify to a certain degree before the problem settles down completely. An old complaint that has been not taken care off might recur for a certain period of time during the course of the treatment. This is an important part of the healing process. Do not panic but inform your doctor immediately. These symptoms settle down completely. Sometimes a skin rash may appear during the course of the treatment. This is because as the treatment progress the disease is thrown from a more important internal organ to a less important outer part like the skin. Patients develop old skin problems like ringworm, eczema, boils, etc. depending on their susceptibility. By this time the internal problem has been resolved, the general level of well being is restored and the skin rash is also resolved in a short period of time.
You should find an improvement in all spheres: • The intensity and frequency of your chief complaint.  • Your general criteria -appetite, sleep, dreams, energy levels. • Your moods, temperaments, • Your capacity to deal with stress, sensitive issues and your overall mental state.
We can help in every acute problem very effectively and you will not need to resort to any other form of treatment. The medicines given at this time are fast-acting and can relieve you of any discomfort ,pain etc. At times these episodes are very characteristic to the individual and help in understanding the longstanding complaint in a better way. Consequently the long-standing problem is helped better and the frequency of such acute episodes also reduces. We shall ourselves guide to a specialist if need be in times of crisis.
In case of emergency you may use the SOS PACKET provided to you by the doctor after consulting them on phone. An emergency medical kit is available at the clinic . It comes with necessary medication and instructions for its use. You may call up the doctor first. Only if you cannot contact the doctor then you may read instructions and use this kit. The medicines from the travel kit can be used for all as per the instructions mentioned in the pamphlet in the Kit.
The problem per se does not recur after the treatment. A mild episode of a chronic problem can recur sporadically due to undue physical or mental stress. However these episodes will be very rare and their intensity will be minimal. This is because the medication makes you capable of handling situations better and fighting your stress better.
Homoeopathic medication can last very long when preserved in dry conditions and away from sunlight in a cool dark place. They must be discarded when they get moist or change colour to a yellow taint. We prescribe medication for overseas patients, patients on ship etc, for six months at a stretch. Please remember that the medication must be kept away from strong smelling substances like camphor, mint, menthol ,strong oils and perfumes etc.
Homoeopathy has excellent result in infants even few days or months old. Infant colic, fevers, colds etc. can be well taken care of. 
NO !!  A well-selected Homoeopathic remedy has the capacity to bring about a drastic change in the patients complaints. People at time feel that a steroid is used to bring about this change. But its not true, when the right remedy works, the patient not only sees a change in the complaints but also at the level of his general state, general well being which doesn't happen when on steroids. Also long term use of steroids have their side effects like weight gain, moon face, excessive body hair to name a few. The commonly performed test to find out steroids is the "Colorimetric Method" test which gives a false positive result for any reducing sugar, aldehyde (Homeopathic medicines are sugar , lactose & alcohol based) . The best test to find out if the medicine contains steroids is the "Liberman Buchard" test. Thin layer chromatography method & a UV absorption method. This method helps in differentiating & finding out if the substance indeed contains steroids.



Online education has been very important according to the Joshis’ for any approach to reach far and wide. Their video series have been viewed world over as group sessions. Now these course are available to be viewed online from anywhere in the world.

Currently these video courses going on in England, Scotland, Japan, America, to name a few countries.But now you can view them online.

Dr. Joshis have devised a unique courses, 2 sets of 27 hours of high quality video seminar, where they have explained their entire system of working, approach & Kingdom classification in detail.

Course for beginners where they have explained about their philosophy of pattern prescription and understanding of the mineral kingdom (the periodic table) in detail.

The approach

Learn the systematic way of case taking & the MAP to prescribe the 3 main kingdoms.

Learn the 7 levels of development their co-relations with the periodic table.

Every case is first shown step-wise with explanations by the doctors at different levels in the case. Then follows the analysis of the case where the student is taken step by step through the questions asked during consultation, the kingdom in the case, the sensation, the deepest polarity of the case and the final remedy selection.

Next follows the differential diagnosis of similar and closely related remedies.

The follow-up concludes the session. The doctors explain what is to be looked for, how to assess any new information given during the follow-up and how and when to make the second prescription.

These courses are priced economically to enable all make the best of it. 

To subscribe, send your name, city & country @


Online video courses by the Joshis'

The video-course comprising 10 sessions is recommended for beginners & students. These sessions comprise several video-cases and explanatory power-point presentations which vividly teach the theory related to cases. The basic concepts of the philosophy of case-taking, miasms, kingdoms and follow up criteria are explained systematically through the lectures. Total duration 27 hours.

Topics Covered

  • Evolution of Homoeopathy from Hahnemannian era till date
  • Understanding miasms
  • Understanding the 3 main kingdoms
  • Comparative study of the animal world with cases from different subgroups like mammals, reptiles, birds and their characteristic features.
  • Cases from the mineral kingdom are followed by an understanding of all the rows and columns of the periodic table.
  • Cases from the plant kingdom are taken and differentiating between similar looking plant families is taught.
A course which deals with many unknown, unexplored issues in Homoeopathy at length. Total duration 28 hours.

Topics Covered

  • Animal classification in depth
    • In depth understanding of the reptiles with focus on the snakes,
    • with short cases, the sea world, crocs, turtles, sponges,
    • 3 sessions over 11 hrs , 3 long video cases 
  • Noble gases (Understanding of all the noble gases with cases 2 sessions 6 hrs. Video case of Argon)
  • Row 3 explored once again in detail ( Acute case of Row 3 )
  • Imponderables (Understanding & cases 2 sessions )
  • Nosodes – in depth study of Nosodes over 8 hrs of discussion (6 detailed video cases)
A systematic insight into Joshis' current way of practise.The philosophy of case-taking, what are you looking for in a case! Extensive simplification of the grid of the periodic table to make your foundations sound and clear. Total duration 12 hours.

Topics Covered

  • Case-taking:The connection between classical/ traditional method of prescription and current approach in clinical practice of homeopathy. Simplified by the Joshis' with their revolutionary discoveries.
  • Understanding the grid of the periodic table:Using the periodic table as a MAP to prescribe all the 3 kingdoms ( plants, animals & minerals) has been the Joshis latest work . The video lays the foundation for this approach.
  • A glimpse into the animal world
  • Thematic classification improves the probability of successful prescriptions. Understand the themes of birds, broad themes of snake remedies and differentiation between elapidae and viperidae groups.
  • Themes of mammals in brief.







Homoeopathy -towards a healthy living

We talk of health all the time. Health clubs, health foods, health spas are a fad nowadays. Health is something we all want. But do we even know what health means. The Webster dictionary gives the meaning of health as freedom from defect ,pain or disease. So it defines health as what it is not rather than what it is. But this is very similar to stating that we are happy because we have no debts to pay. Just as the mere absence of debt does not imply that we are wealthy similarly absence of disease does not imply that we are healthy. The Dorland's medical dictionary gives the definition of health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being. True health must be thought of in positive, dynamic terms not simply as'No Disease'.Homoeopathy defines health asfreedom on the physical level where the entire body operates in an integrated, harmonious way for optimum efficiency allowing us to respond appropriately to the environment.

Asfreedom on the emotional levelto experience a wide array of emotions in a positive and enriching way so that we have joyful and satisfying relationships.

Thus health means "To be in Harmony with yourself and with the environment." Using this broad definition try answering these questions.

Are you healthy?

Do you experience the kind of freedom inherent in true health?

And it is this very definition which provides a perspective on the enormous and magnificent potential inherent in each and every one of us.

Now it is time to redefine disease through homoeopathy. According to this system symptoms are mere indications that the internal harmony of the body mechanisms is altered. The disharmony allows the disease (dis-ease) to set in. Of the symptoms that develop a few are common to the disease and are helpful in the diagnosis of the disease. The rest are symptoms peculiar to the patient.

Often we have mothers complaining that while one child is dull drowsy & thirst less during high fever the other one at the same time is hyperactive and asks frequently for sips of water. With the same infection two children within the same house develop completely opposite symptoms which require 2 completely different remedies.


Let’s take an example of rheumatoid arthritis. Three women walk into our centre with this problem. Though all of them have the pain and swelling and immobility of the joints one woman says it happens only in summer. One says that it is worse at about dawn and it disturbs her sleep making her wake up with excruciating pain. The third woman says that she ends up with these pains every time she fights with her uncaring husband which is the case every second day and applying icepacks relieves her all the time. These appear vague statements and have nothing to do with the problem of arthritis. Nonetheless they are very much a part of each of these women and have everything to do with their individual personalities. In fact ,it is these very details which differentiate the arthritis of each of these women. Naturally ,the three women need very different remedies and that is exactly what we as homoeopaths do! It is not surprising when the three women come back for a follow-up the first one reports that her long-standing constipation is helped along with the ailing limbs. The second one says that she can work much better now, her moods are fine while the third one's husband walks in saying she is much more easy to deal with .She is a changed person!

The science analyses every individual having an illness rather than the illness of an individual. For a science so patient-specific each case tests the physician's skill to perceive the unique features of the case to set it apart from a hundred other cases suffering from exactly the same diagnosis.

When patient comes to us we aim at a general level of well-being which supersedes the relief of the complaints which is inevitable. We work towards a better and Healthy living !

When the remedies are selected with such minute detail so as to match every individual demand the question of side -effects does not arise. The pills are very potent so as to bring about relief in minutest doses and they can be harmful if misused. But the basic fundamental of the science is so individualizing and so patient- specific .The technique of selecting the appropriate medicine involves a painstaking and intricate procedure where every detail of the entire personality of the patient mental and physical is taken into account. The first consultation lasts for about two hours. The choice of remedy is such that it matches completely mentally and physically to the character of each patient. When such hard work goes into the selection of the remedy how can there be any side effects at all!


7 consecutive years of Non stop - Online inspiration!




Dr. Joshis’ were the first to realise the need for ongoing education. They initiated online education in 2005 when this idea was in its infancy stage.

In their clinical practice the doctors have seen constant evolution of concepts, application of ideas, views. There is a necessity to connect these changes and share so that whole community evolves.

Join them in this evolutionary journey of learning the system of prescribing with the MAP

Monthly tonic webinar series are meant just for that. It has been successfully going on for the past 7 years creating confident homoeopaths all over the globe.

Systematic scientific prescriptions connects classical homoeopathy & modern science in our Monthly Tonic.

Understand the MAP in every case, an unique approached developed by the Joshis'.

Join this series to learn to prescribe confidently every time.

Systematic scientific prescriptions connects classical homoeopathy & modern science in our Monthly Tonic

Understand the MAP in every case, an unique approached developed by the Joshis'


 8 Friday sessions of 2 hours each

April 20, 2018
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT
October 19,2018
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT
June 29, 2018
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT
November 30, 2018
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT
August 31, 2018
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT
December 14, 2018
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT
September 28, 2018
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT
January 11, 2019
14:00- 16:00 hrs GMT

ACHENA Accreditation


ACHENA designates this webinar series for a maximum of 12 hours (2 hours per session) of Continuing Professional Development.
6 sessions from April 21, 2018 to November 30, 2018 (Both sessions included)
Make best use of this oppurtunity to learn & get credit points too!


All cases shared will have the levels, MAP (Mineral, Animal, Plant) co-relation and lot of practical tips.

  • Systematic approach in evaluating and solving case taking
  • Better in depth study of Homoeopathic remedies for precise prescription
  • Clarity in remedy differentiation
  • Co-relationship between remedies from various kingdoms used in Homoeopathy
  • Follow up evaluation in chronic cases with management.
  • Demonstration of using the MAP approach of remedy prescription designed by the Joshis
  • Focus in this series: 
    • Lesser known bird cases
    • Failed cases
    • Cases that dont connect to the source
    • Cases where the level is unclear

Cases for the webinars are different from the Joshis' live Seminars.

Selected few cases that will make you challenge your thought process.

1 sessions (December 14, 2018) for participant's to share their difficult cases.

How will participants benifit?

The webinar series will

  • Help you solve your cases analytically
  • Useful practical solutions for case-taking & counter checking you prescription
  • Most important comparative study will help tremendously in differentiating remedies in Practice

What’s different about the Joshis?

  • They are known for their vibrant and lively teaching
  • Their sessions infuse participants with energy and enthusiasm
  • Comparative materiamedica is taught with vivid examples
  • Their case-taking style is simple and easy to reproduce

What if I miss the session?

The sessions will be recorded & participants who have missed the class can view it for up to 6 months later.

Webinar Fees

USD $ 325/- for the entire series of 8 sessions until April 15, 2018

For the entire series of 8 sessions of 2 hrs.

$350.00 $325.00

Pay by Visa/Amex Credit/Debit OR 


Pay by PayPal

For Pay per session


Pay by Visa/Amex Credit/Debit OR 


Pay by PayPal

What did some of our past participants have to say?

I feel privileged to be a part of the monthly tonic experience. It has completely changed my homeopathic work & it benefits in my everyday work in the clinic - It improved my understanding of the individual pattern of my patients and I prescribe more confidently and much more accurately.Keep up the excellent work! I'm in for the next season.
Ms. Noga Weiner, Israel
What I find wonderful about the Joshis and the Webinar: 1. They have developed a "grid" which gives precise orientation in matching a case with a remedy! 2. Their work helps one mentally "flow" between various kinds of remedies for a given case (mineral, animal, plant, etc.) 3. Most important: their teaching is pragmatic! In every session I have integrated tools which I can successfully use. I have solved several difficult cases which would have remained unsolved without the Joshis. That is REALLY WONDERFUL!!!
Hans Martin, Berne, Switzerland
The Joshis have been working very hard to explore our Materia Medica and to make connections between the kingdoms. They also have a simple way of case taking that allows the Simillimum to come to the foreground and for the materia medica match to be made. I have been inspired by their work - the webinars are easy to access and provide so much valuable information that homeopaths around the world have been joining in. Its been wonderful to be part of this global teaching. For myself, my clinical practice has become easier and more satisfying since I have been studying with the Joshi/s and I am very grateful to them both for their work.
Ms.Jeannette Bennett, New Zealand
I so look forward to the Monthly Tonic webinars and make a real point of trying to watch them in real time if at all possible. There is such an inclusive and warm feeling to this group - the Joshis hold the space so well and welcome comments and interaction - you are really made to feel part of the process. Over the last 18 months I have really enjoyed hearing the evolutionary map explained. It's simple, elegant and entirely applicable to interactions you will actually have with your own patients. My Materia Medica knowledge has expanded massively - especially in the Animal Kingdom. Yet I've equally enjoyed the plant and mineral kingdom sessions. I have always come away feeling that I've been taught yet more valuable nuggets.
Ms. Nikki Miller, UK
It' useless to tell ...I' ll be with you!!!What I receive every time from the webinar and else it' so important for me so as person and as homeopath that it' s difficult to express above all bad English.
Dr. Giovanna Gallerani, Italy

Watch clips of our previous webinars

Monthly Tonic with the Joshis - Season 2013, Clips

Monthly tonic with the Joshis- 2012 Series


A world class center dedicated for complete holistic care by Internationally renowned doctors, Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi.

The Dynamic Duo of the Homoeopathic world.

Located in Vile Parle, Mumbai, they provide Homoeopathic care to patients from all sectors, all age groups, from young infants, children to adults. They see clients from India and from different parts of the world.

Over the last 2 decades they have helped thousands of people. Children treated by them have grown up into successful adults. They rever the doctors for their help and guidance at various stages in life.

Homoeopathy with its holistic approach targets the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis directly and is  the right answer for the Modern day illnesses.

They specialise in treating cases of allergies, auto-immune complaints like multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, severe urticria, orthopaedic complaints like rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal complaints like PCOS, diabetes, auto-immune thyroditis, high blood pressure.

Watch us in action

Watch us talk about it
Kieran Linnane LCH, RSHom , Cornwall England
It was a great privilege to be able to sit in and observe two master homeopaths at work each day in their Mumbai clinic. There was a variety of cases to observe and Bhawisha and Shachindra were very available and generous in allowing plenty of time for discussion of cases, materia medica and philosophy. The whole experience was very complete for me.
Jane Harter London 2008
The Joshis are wonderfully clear teachers and the course gives an explicit and accessible demonstration of the Bombay Method in action, which inspires confidence.